October 17th, 2007


Chronic Fatigue Thing...

Woke up to one of those grim pain-all-over, feverish, comatose days when you can't even read or watch TV properly. Jesus..
Happy birthday to the splendid wordsmith and trike rider  Susan Stinson!
We've had another shooting and  a stabbing in the area. On Saturday night, I heard someone yelling 'Oh GodOhGodOhGod...'  downstairs at roughly the time of the knife attack.I looked out, saw nothing, and fugured it was just The Usual. Now I wonder.
Anyone familiar with  'Makhana'? I  I bought a packet in ASDA out of curiosity. I don't suppose it can be any good for you, as it just says 'Sugar, glucose syrup,flavourings, preservative, sulphur dioxide'  on the bag. It looks like popcorn, and from what I googled, is supposed to be a seed (?)  It has a very mild sweetish flavour and a pleasantly chalky texture. Odd.

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