October 9th, 2007


Annoying Bloody Day...

I had to get a bloody minicab, which I couldn't. of course, afford, to the doctor's, due to the heavy rain. (Even if I'd gone by bus, there's still a long enough walk that I would have been drenched...)
I got my flu jab and new painkillers, but the doctor had nothing to suggest about dealing with the pain, except try to exercise as much as possible!
I got wet anyway, returning home via Clapham Junction. An anklebiter on the bus, seeing me in my rain poncho, begain  pointing and  shrieking  'Batman! Batman!'  His pikey mother,and her mate guffawed, and everyone else in the vicinity joined in. I can see the funny side, now, but at that particular damp and pissed-off  moment, I just sucked my teeth and clucked, like the crabby old thing I am.
The chemist didn't have the new painkillers, so I have to go back tomorrow.
This whole no-post business is giving me the hump.
Sputter, fap!
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