September 11th, 2007



I did manage to do the shopping, but not until about noon, and it was bloody torment. I ran into R Next Door as I got off the bus, and she was shocked to see how halt and lame I really am. (Maybe she'll reduce her grocery order a bit-) It didn't really help to have her descanting on how obvious my pain was, and that if I could just...lose some weight. Steam was coming outa my ears, but I managed not to be TOO rude. Oh Jeeezus Christ...
I need to go to fuckin' Lourdes. Or Knock, at least.
Anyone who can get BBC4 should,of course, be watching COMICS BRITANNIA. The first one was brill, with Paul Gravett doing a particularly stellar turn, along with many other famous creators and fans. The one I'm really itching to see is Jonathan Ross on Steve Ditko, one of my heroes. I wonder if he actually managed to score an interview with the elusive mad genius?
Birthday Bumps to Milla (crunchcandy), ace crafy girl. Those with spending money should go along and buy stuff from her, especially if they have a taste for frightening celluloid doll faces being put to artistic use.
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