September 3rd, 2007



I'm already late for the dreaded supermarket detail, due to stinking in my pit until nearly NINE O'CLOCK. I don't feel any less weary for it either. I just can't be arsed...
Had a pleasant Sunday, anyhow, despite weird, threatening weather, and crowded busses driven both ways by the usual maniacs who like to stop short, lurch back and forth,bawl obscenities at other motorists, etc. (Why do I always get them? Fap...)
I ventured to Fiona's and saw her amazing giant TV, her new amazing shoes from Belgium, and consumed undignified quantities of her (can you believe?) home-made hoummous, which I think is the best I ever tasted. Drool. We watched an episode of the cool and unjustly neglected CARNIVALE, plus Werner Herzog's hilarious MY BEST FIEND, all about his relationship with the rivetingly loathesome Klaus Kinski. Prime stuff. (Hey Roz, what's not to like?)
Then, after the usual grim interval on the phone with my mother, the SOPRANOS were back on TV; alas the final chapters. (I want to live in Janice and Bobby's gorgeous riverside house.)
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