August 31st, 2007


Carbon Bigfeet...

WHY do most of the busses and some of the shops (like M&S) now have the bloody heat on? it's ever so Wrong. The concierge downstairs has had the foyer radiator full-blasting constantly for the last two years. He can't turn it off, and his reports are ignored.
I was watching (through my fingers, at times-) SEX CHANGE HOSPITAL last night. It would be so much fun if you could just check out different bodies whenever the mood took you. I'd love to be a fully-functioning willy-weilding male for a week, just to see if it feels different when you Do It, and stuff like that. If I had been male, though, considering how sparse and thin my hair is now, I probably would have been a wee baldy man before I was 30...
At last, an end to BIG BROTHER tonight. It always becomes a bit of an endurance test towards the end, and I despise myself for my base voyeuristic addiction, etc. I know I'll be watching next time, though.
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