August 10th, 2007


Problems, Problems...

I had really, really wanted to go to CAPTION this year, but between all the extra expenses, and being crippled up, no...Gonna be hot, anyway.
I do wish I'd known earlier about the very convenient and wonderfully creepy-sounding St Stephen's House, but I missed it when I was looking around for hypothetical lodgings. *Sigh* I couldn't have afforded it, anyhow, but...Fap!

Hope everyone has a grand time; there are some interesting exhibits, etc. on in Oxford at present, too (Stella Vine-is she still on?) Hope for lots of detailed reports to read, anyway.
I've been offline most of the day. I'm afraid the PC is packing in again, as it keeps crashing and doing various very weird things. Unsatisfactory.
I was so horrified by that BIG BROTHER 'stone age' task that involved skinning and gutting rabbits, that I considered a one-woman boycott protest. My addiction proved too strong.
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