August 7th, 2007



Startling scene outside LIDL. A young Asian bloke came tearing out the door, urgently gasping 'Please,please,please...'. He had a big joint of meat in each hand. Two large security guys charged behind him. They all ran staight in front of a car, which just managed to stop in time. The perpetrator dropped the joints and ran off down the hill. One guard followed him, the other picked the meat up and went inside, while I stood goggling with several other old hags, crossing ourselves and clucking. Crikey!
Dreamed last night that I was walking effortlessly, with no pain at all, and felt very grateful to the gods. I also discovered that I had written a hot best seller called...GHOUL IN A GIMP MASK!(Snort-)and was a wealthy and respected member of society. Well, better in a dream than not at all. It sure was nice.
Ran into that ex-concierge guy, and was pleased to hear that the kitten that was getting bullied has now settled down nicely with his senior cats, so I made the right decision there.
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    R4: Pompus fools opining on 'welfare dependency'