August 6th, 2007


Clouds Again...

Thank the gods. I'm glad for those who had a nice weekend, but very grateful it hasn't (so far-) been a hot summer,and is cooler today. On top of my current (chronic?) world o' pain situation. I don't need to be poached in this sweatbox flat as well.
Watched this hair-raising climbing catastrophe docudrama, NIGHTMARE AT 20,000 FEET, the other night. I think it was possibly more 'orrible than TOUCHING THE VOID. The three men involved all survived, minus various digits, limbs, noses, etc, and seemed absurdly cheerful about it all. Mountain climbing stuff rather fascinates me in its craziness; I honestly cannot understand what compels people to do anything so dreadful voluntarily. There was an item in the paper as well, where this woman was describing one of her treks. They came out one morning to discover the bodies of two guys they'd spoken to the day before, who had gone on ahead and fallen back down. This disturbed her as other, mummified corpses they'd passed on the way hadn't...
I'm dreading going to the shops, but I have to prove I can still manage it.
It's strange that my sister seems to be in complete physical meltdown, too. My mother is probably the fittest of the lot at this point. Bum...
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I just burnt my finger whilst preparing veggie frankfurters and sauerkraut.
I'm out of mustard, too!
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