August 2nd, 2007


West End...

I had to go somewhere, but it had to be somewhere involving virtually no walking.So, bussed to the Photographers' Gallery to see the latest exhibits.

I rather liked Keith Arnatt's stuff, especially the wonderful impromptu shots of his cats and dogs. He has a real flair for capturing animal joy.
The hitching series by Chris Cockin was good, too. He's rather an attractive young man, which must have been helpful in his travels.
Another little charmer was Marissa Dowlings gallery of people posing with a blue plastic bag.
I was overdosed on codeine and felt weird in the head, but the hurtin' still wouldn't relent, so I just looked longingly at pens in Bureau, (where there's a lot of stuff, including Lamys, on half price sale-) and Badtz-Maru artefacts on Charing Cross Road, before returning home empty-handed.
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