July 29th, 2007


Dull Sunday...

I guess I should go back to the doctor, I really need to do something about this crippled-upness. There just has to be something to relieve it a bit, surely ... but the implication so far has been 'deal wiv it'.
Watched THEM (2006; no giant ants involved-) which was short,sharp, and fairly scary.


Gave my old TV/VCR combi to R Next Door. The VCR no longer works, but it's a nice, biggish screen. It was bloody hell getting it over to her flat, though, with both us all arthritic and feeble. Glad it's done, anyway. Seemed to please her greatly.
Somebody is cooking a lot, lately, and it smells sooo good; something very spicy; Carribean stuff, maybe. Whatever it is, MMmmm...
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    Bette Midler:DA DO RON RON