July 13th, 2007


Ew, Humidity....

Well, it had to come back sometime. Oh steamy, yucky streets of Streatham...Had my last CBT session with Bebopalula, which was kind of sad, as I'll miss chatting with her, although it really didn't help much. I do still attempt to use the CBT techniques, although I can't say they've really helped at all. I need a lot of concrete help, really; financial,physical, 3D stuff, and even with a positive attitude, there's no hope of salvation.
Oh well, 'fake eviction night' on BB should be amusing, with the loser evicted,shown clips of everyone nominating her, and returned to the House. Cackle, hope it's Charley.
Still no real idea of who's going to win. Probably gormlessly genial Brian, or one of the Idiot Twins (They're studying to be social workers?!) I'm not that keen on anyone, but I'll go for Gerry, on the basis that if I had to be banged up with any of them for three months, he seems the least maddening. Also, we would probably have interests in common. (Brian complains that Gerry's chatting about 'museums an' art, museums an' art alla time' saps his will to live.) It would be rather nice to see somebody reasonably articulate, who's not interested in the whole 'stardom' package win for a change.
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