July 6th, 2007



Every time I try to use LJ in this place, the IE shuts down. I'm nearly out of time now.Fap...
Very sad to hear of Mr Melly's demise,although it was expected. We're losing far too many quality eccentrics.


I also read yesterday that Anne Gilman, a less famous but very fine weirdo, had pased away.She was a grand old-style lefty, someties rather comical in her idealism, but a splendid character with a heart o'gold. She was involved in the Worker's Music Association, and when I first got Wotan,who needed a life-saving op, she took a collection amongst the members of out little branch choir to help pay the vet.(She was a dedicated cat person,as reported in yesterday's Guardian obit.) I once had dinner at her flat in Islington,with her rather annoyed daughter,who I don't think was expecting company, and a couple of the Marxist felines.
I was just thinking of her the other day, wondering if she was still around. *Sigh*


The wind is crazy, this morning,really pretty wild.
I'm afraid I'm going to be cut off in a moment,but any of you talented photographer types (cleanskies? tallguywrites? You others?) who don't already know about it,go to the Photographers Gallery or Channel 4 sites and read about the competition. Might be fun/worthwhile.
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