July 3rd, 2007


Back In The Cafe Again...

Bah...Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I still don't know what to do. It's pretty sad being a technophobe who's afraid to change a light bulb.
My back and knees are still completely kaput, too. Codeine just doesn't do the trick.
I've been watching THE WIRE, which Lovefilm has been sending out in scrambled order, dammit. I don't really see what all the fuss is about, anyway. It's not proper pukka 'art' IMO, like the grubbily poetic SOPRANOS and DEADWOOD, nor gross-out ubertrash, like the supremely entertaining OZ and ROME. Apart from a couple of very good episodes, it just seems like a better-than-most cop potboiler series to me. Oh well, each to his own.
Really must do some housework today, the place is putrid. I need 'Kim & Aggie' to come round and shame me into scrubbing everything with borax and vinegar.
Gosh, I must do some 'Pants' toons, too, and loads of other stuff. I just want to sleep, though. I had a whole string of anxiety/humiliation dreams last night. The one where you stagger onstage not knowing what you're supposed to be doing, and everyone laughs, the one where you fall down in the street and have to crawl at a snail's pace with people looking on horrified,and lorries whizzing round you, the caught-on-the toilet one...ALL IN ONE NIGHT. No wonder I'm a-weary.
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