July 2nd, 2007



I think I may max out the credit card and go for a new PC setup. I think Compaq is pretty good from my experience, but could really do with some advice. If I could just get my peripherals sorted. My current puter might crank on for a few more months, but I need someone to actually come to the flat and sort it out. Anyone know of anyone who does house calls, does the job properly, and doesn't rip off?
Also, what about PC World? Are they trustable and decent value? They're really all I know.
What I want is to get myself set up to put my comix online , work a graphics pad, be able to use and burn DVDs ...
My cafe time is almost up, dammit. I can use the new mouse, so I can get onlineat home, now, but can't reply or anything, as the new keyboard doesn't work. I don't understand the instructions....Meh.