June 20th, 2007


Scary Monster...

Rented an interesting Korean creature feature, THE HOST. It was rather unusual in having believable and sympathetic human characters, so that you actually felt sorry when somebody copped it. The monster wasn't bad, either. CG, but more convincing than many in its movement, etc. Definitely worth watching.


Current BIG BROTHER feelings:
Like: Gerry,Tracey
Ambivalent: Carole,Brian,Nikki,Seany,The Twins,Laura,Liam,Ziggy
Don't like: CHARLEY, Billi, Chanelle,

Of course, the dreaded Charley should really be left in to drive the other poor gonks completely mental.
If I were an inmate, though, I'd surely be nominating her every week...
Might be interesting to observe the fermenting squalour tyhat ensues if self-appointed cleaner-upper Carole actually goes. If I were in there, I'd be doing the same, 'cos I can't stand living in filth, although I suppose I do, really (...no, it's more plain disorder and clutter.) It looks so subservient and passive-aggressive, though.
Did I miss something about the Charley's "£170!!!" Ugg boots, btw? Did Seany actually pour water in them or just insert a paper cup?

Sad news from Serbia: Sasa lost his mum at the weekend. If anyone wants to get in touch and doesn't have his email, it's zograf@panet.co.yu
Of course, there's nothing much you can say, it's just gonna be sad and sore and difficult. *Sigh*
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