May 21st, 2007


Fire Down Below!

Ecky Thump! Cutty Sark's burnt up! Well, it's badly damaged in a mysterious conflagration. Thank the gods there was a refit going on, and all the cool figureheads and stuff weren't there.
My knees and back are still frelled to the max. Am I gonna be 'like this' for life, now? Feck...Did the shop run and got rained on, anyway.
Must draw, yes...but I think I may watch QUERELLE also...
I thought Wotan might be dying, yesterday, he seemed so weird and fucked up, Today (touch wood-) he's fine. It's agony, all this...My mother was messed up, too. My poor sister is so run down she's likely to collapse soon, and the mammy, of course, is wailing about what's gonna happen to her if 'Biddy' conks out! She hasn't quite lost her personality, then...I guess it's a 'good' sign...
We're trying to get her to sell the bloody family hovel before it just sinks into the mire like the House of Usher, but she keeps insisting she might go back and live there,although she can't be left on her own for five minutes without doing something dirty and/or dangerous. She goes all hysterical and and ultra-evil if pressed, though. Gawd 'elp us, etc.
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