May 17th, 2007


Icky Sticky...

'Orrible heavy humidity. Fap! Didn't do much, really, but got some more cartooning done. It may be exceedingly basic, but this little 'Suzie' character is making me snerkle.
Very weird dream last night, about a Polish bakery in a deconsecrated church. Every morning this girl who had to work there would come out on her break and stand under the tower crying. In a nearby chapel, there was the corpse of some nun, that was venerated, and a bunch of other putrid skeletons. I was in there with my ex, looking for psychic phenomena and stuff. A lot of bones started moving, which terrified me, but the ex was just grumpy. Then I read an inscription that said if you went too near the holy nun skeleton, you'd immediately get lice. I saw them crawling and hopping all over the sarcophagus, and the nun was up and walking around...Wah! I legged it. (Fortunately I could still move pretty sharpish in the dream.)
Saw a rather sweet film, SNOW CAKE, with Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver; all a bit far-fetched, maybe, but wistfully nice.
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