May 13th, 2007


Frelled Again...

My back's done in,after hauling the giant telly around, and my knees are so bad I have to sit with my legs stretched out.It was supposed to rain torrentially, too, so I cancelled my visit to Fiona and did myself out of playing with COMIC LIFE and sampling an exotic Rasa treat, not to mention Klaus Kinski frothing on DVD.
I have got another page of the strip done, though, so the day's not a complete loss. It seems to be clearing up, now, after all the predictions of heavy weather.Damn...We really need some more proper rain, even if it is inconvenient.
EUROVISION was rather low-key; only a few really bizarre acts. Personally, I rather liked the sweet, old-fashioned Irish entry that came last, and the 'Christopher Biggins' silver-lame drag queen, but can't wait for next year's broadcast from Belgrade!
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