May 11th, 2007


Combi's Comin'...

I know it's utterly insane to have done this. but telly really is pretty much my only entertainment these days. I feckin' need it. Repairs of the combi and DVD I was using would have been absurdly expensive, soooo in a frenzy, I ordered a new TV/VCR/DVD on the never-never, and it's coming tomorrow. It's got a 21" screen, as, thank the gods, they no longer make the 28" one, which I was going to order for £100 more! Yes, I know you can find these things cheap/free sometimes on Ebay and Freecycle, but I've no transport or assistance. (I'm determined to justify myself-)
If I don't have to wait in too long, I may check out the zinefest. I'd like to. I applied for the workshops, but I don't remember getting tickets. Wonder if I could get in?
I rang Lambeth because it didn't make any sense that I have to pay so much more now. I do, though. I suppose I'll have to pay tax too, because I'm now getting 'so much more...' With all they're clawing back, though, in reality, I'll have even less. How very mean. Sniff...
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