May 10th, 2007



...It seems the Benefits people have been overpaying Housing and Council Tax since January, and I owe them £230.00, plus my pittance is henceforth trimmed by about £10 a week. Oh boy...I do wish I could find some saintly employers who would pay me for being me, and doing the few things I do passably.
I have to renew my passport, although Ive no hope of going anywhere...I may need to get to the US if my mother takes a real turn for the worse. I had to have mugshots taken for £6.00. (Because of the fussy new rules, I didn't want to risk the photobooth.) I really do look like some sort of psychokiller. I'm going to have to scratch up about £50 for the passport itself, too. Oh woe.THe poor get poorer...
Still drawing, anyway. Toot!
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Oh, I Forgot... complain about the boiler-inspecting bod, who actually came this morning. He asked to use my loo, and dumped pungently. Gross.

I am cold, which admittedly is better than hot, but not comfortable.