April 27th, 2007



Yesterday I waited in (again!) for my boiler to be checked. I know my buzzer is working. I know the concierge was there.
For the third time, the gasman 'couldn't gain access'. I rang again, fulminated again. Next round, 10th of May.A British Gas droid did, however appear at 8 AM this morning to read my meter...
Mr Dickon Edwards is looking for 'angels' to contribute a small sum for the civilised pleasure of reading his LJ, plus special goodies. It's always a good read,I reckon, and if I had disposable income, I would gladly pay DE for being DE.I urge those who have normal amounts of money to do so.
In today's entry, there was some musing on Mr Pooter. Personally, I've never much cared for DIARY OF A NOBODY. I have begun to worry, though, that I may, myself, be Pooteresque. Nah, I'm much too mean-spirited, surely.
In a charity shop, I saw a video of HEATHCLIFF, starring Sir Cliff Richard, depicted in greatcoat and wildly floaty shoulder-length locks, attempting a puppy-hanging glower. I really wanted to check it out. I mean that's GOT to be pretty remarkable, one way or another. Alas, I couldn't really justify the £2. Bum.
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