April 22nd, 2007


Kinda Back Online...

...The old monitor finally sputtered back to life, thank the gods, but despite all efforts at re-sizing, I still have a weensy letterbox screen and lil' fonts. Very strenuous.
Not quite as hot as I'd feared, and I mooched around reading the comix I got yesterday (2 PAPER TIGERS and BEDSIT JOURNAL 2.) Richard Cowdey's stiff really tickles me.
I rented the DVD of the Nicolas Cage remake of WICKER MAN, just to see if it was really that bad, and it's worse that you could ever imagine.
The location is switched to America, the policeman had a great love thing with a 'Summersilse' girl, and never recovered from her sudden defection. Missing child Rowan is supposedly his daughter, that she never told him about.
The principal product of the society is honey, and all the men are placid drones who never speak. The leader is a white-robed glamorpuss. Otherwise it's pretty much the same, and so terribly lame you could scream. It's a bit like that PSYCHO remake. You just wonder Why, why, why?...Not much point in doing a 'homage' if it's such a disgrace, except perhaps to point out how very good the originals were.
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