April 21st, 2007


From The Internet Cafe...

The monitor's kaput. I am now effectively PC-less and grieving. Why meeeee? I've tried hooking up my old monitor, but no luck with that either. Oh my Godddddd! Help!
I was so upset by this this morning that I just went back to sleep. When I got to The Horse Hospital it was packed with people who stayed put so you couldn't examine the wares. I encountered a few familiar peeps, including dansette who did tap me on the shoulder before escaping to Russell Square. It was an impossible environment to talk in, anyway.
There was a lot of tasty-looking food about, and some interesting-looking zines. I purchased a few comix and departed. I'm glad I forced myself to go, anyway. The journey involved one broken-down bus, another that just sat for ten minutes, reason unknown. Later we got tangled up and delayed by a demo of people complaining about Turkey and the Armenian Genocide.
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