April 17th, 2007


Weird World...

I feel horribly bored, yet everything is so peculiar, really. I guess the grotesque has become mundane.
Went to the launderette, and all that sort of thing. It cost me over £7 to send a small, not very heavy parcel to the US. That is wrong, man.
I keep dreaming about movie stars in wood panelled environments.This week it's been Charles Dance, Kevin Spacey,Gene Kelly and Julia Roberts. Mostly they stand around talking about politics and stuff. Even my feckin' dreams are boring. Oh well, better than no dreams at all. I hate that.
I'm supposed to go for an audition fot this TV show tomorrow. I really can't be arsed, as I don't think there's money involved, but they're so secretive about it, I'm curious.It's only over at County Hall, so I guess I 'should'.
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