April 16th, 2007


PC Grief...

Everything's gone all teeny weeny so I have to squint right up near the brain-frying monitor to read anything. Have repeatedly tried to adjust screen & font size, but nothing's happening. Feck.
I don't want to go to the bloody supermarkets, but guess I gotta. R Next Door has, as usual, been very helpful with administering Wotan's eardrops. They just seem to run right out anyway, but they're almost gonethank the gods. It's his colon obstruction I'm worried about. OY...
My mother seemed to be having a 'good day' anyhow. Some days she actually sounds pretty 'sane'. At least, as sane as she ever was.They're having weird winter storms, in NY, while we poach in pollution, etc, here.The morning skies look very misty and 'dirty'.
I think there may have been a dogfight downstairs last night. I heard lots of men shouting and dogs making scary growls, etc. then sirens and whatnot, but I couldn't see anything. I know there has been a problem with dogfighting out back, near the 'playground'. Fuckin' brutes.
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