April 13th, 2007


Friday The 13th...

Last weeks meeting with the 'customer adviser' droid at NatWest seemed to promise a sensible and relatively painless solution to my finacial hell. I even considered the possibility of being able to acquire a supportive chair to sit on comfortably, without big agony every time I get up. (You know, one of those high 'old folks' home' numbers-)
Well, I didn't hear any more from him. and when I finally tracked him down today, he said, oh yes, I had a word with my supervisor, and because you receive benefit, we can't make you that offer after all. Sorreeee.
Mufuggin scabby scumbag monsters, they have no idea...I was feeling all pleased and hopeful of being able to get my life in a bit of order and SLAM.
Me want kill all banky suit and tie baddies.
I do so wish it would stop getting hot, too.
Canceled my MYSLEXIA sub; can't afford.
I did, on the 'bright side' manage to score some sacks of Bob Martin's crystal cat litter for R and myself at ASDA. It's nearly always out of stock. Wheeee!
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