March 26th, 2007


Hitty Pitty Bites Again...

I found  GARBLES 6, which contains the Hitty Pitty cartoon. Turns out it's actually by Sarah Thornton, though. I particularly love the first two panels. It's totally crude and basic, but it still fascinates me.
Did the shops and the usual stuff. My nose is running constantly.If I get another bloody cough, I'll just implode or something.
 Both the sink and the tub are blocked up. The plumbers said the stack has to be blown out by the contractors, whatever horror that entails, and will take place 'this week. sometime...'
Obviously my mind is still very much on my dead friends and how sad it all is.
I tried watching this incredibly lame 'Jay and Silent Bob' film,for diversion, but it was too asinine even for me.
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    Jay and Silent Bob are screaming...