March 21st, 2007



Well, the tooth's out at last. It was, needless to say, horrendous. There are rows of little open cubicles, and you can hear everyone else groaning and gurgling through their 'procedures'. Once, a sort of flatline noise blared out, and the two who were working on me leapt to attention. Someone was going 'Are you there? Breathe! Come on now, deep breaths...' I guess somebody fainted.
Both the student and the supervising dentist called me 'Sir' throughout, and at first  assumed I was having two teeth out, so I didn't feel too confident. I had to give my entire medical history again, although I'd filled in a big form already. They had to shoot three  hurty needles into my gum before there was any numbing, and even then, I had pain throughout.  I was in the chair for well over an hour, and they reeeally did some digging and yanking, including calling on a burly boy dentist to assist, before they got all the roots out. Three stitches finished the job.
They gave me some paracetamol for the pain to come, and yes, it's aching away nicely now. Thank the gods it's over, and I haven't got anything on tomorrow. I expect I'll swell up like a pumpkinheaded thing.
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