March 12th, 2007


Oh, My Mind...

Bad, bad morning, another fit for Wotan, and he really was looking poorly. I thought this afternoon's vet trip might be The End, actually. He's much brighter now, though, touch wood. His kidneys need attention, and I was given some renal diet samples. Expensive, of course, but he seems to like the stuff, at least. They've changed the dosage of his other meds, and I have to bring him back in three weeks. Gods have mercy...
Incredibly bloody warm, too, but I won't moan, as I'm too tired from having nervous breakdowns all morning. Thank the gods for R Next Door helping out with the vet, etc. She can be a bit of a pain, but anything to do with animals, and she can't help enough, which is really appreciated. I feel quite isolated at times like this. 

Got the copies of REDEYE 6 that I ordered.Anyone who wants to read an edifying interview with *Meeeee*, by girlycomic, a
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