March 6th, 2007



Well, what passes for it ,in my circumscribed lil' life...There are some books one really has to have, money or no, and my cutprice copy of Aline Kominsky-Crumb's NEED MORE LOVE has just arrived. I was expecting a large-format paperback. but it's a lovely, chunky, arty thing like THE CRUMB HANDBOOK. I loove it!
 I've always been a huge Aline fan; it's partly a weird, envious 'coulda-been-me' thing... We're so close in age and early suburban-wasteland experience. Now, she's a 'stah', married to, and mother to stahs, and I'm a quickly-crumbling OAP who can't afford a day in Brighton, but I can vicariously enjoy her cultural apotheoisis.Yeh, such is life...
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