March 5th, 2007


Sunflower Wellies...

Did the shop run early this morning to try and get  5.99 LIDL dogwalking wellies for R Next, Door. She's got the ever-returning lurgi now, poor cow, and as I'm feeling a bit better, it was nice to be able to ease someone else's pain a bit. Good thing I did go first thing, as I scored the only size 6-es they had AND they were in the sunflower print that she wanted. Kewl. They really are very nice wellies indeed, and if you got them round Knightsbridge, say, you'd probably pay about £40.
Got a big bag of Greek spinach and feta frozen pasty pockets, too. Mmmm... 
If anyone wants to buy whips and stuff, the brochure promises equestrian equipment next week.

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