February 20th, 2007



Still feeble and weakly, I forced myself to the launderette, and sat there snorting and snivelling for the dreary duration. (You can't leave sheets you've been pissing and snotting on for a service, after all-)
I really feel like crap now, though.
Had my pancakes, anyway, even though it was a mighty effort. Yum

Dreamt this girl I worked with decades ago, was banging on my window, all drugged up, looking for help and handouts. I tried to ignore her, busily picking at my hugely sore and swollen foot. Then something popped, and huge clots of bright green pus came shooting out, splashing on the window, so that even the stoned mendicant girl was grossed out. Nice.

I think I scream in my sleep these days, actually. I can hear myself yelling when I wake up, although I'm not sure I'm fully awake at that point...Saw an interesting TV programme about sleep disorder last night, featuring a quite prim and proper elderly man who made astonishing walrus hoots and stuff in his sleep.

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