February 5th, 2007


Feckin' Dental Bastards...

I am sooo weary of being pissed about. I returned to my local dentist, to have the tooth pulled, and he said, well he'd try it, but every once in a while, in that location, it was impossible to get the tooth out, as he can't 'enter from the side' with his equipment, and then I'd have loads of bleeding and pain while trying to get to the hospital to have it finished,without enough money for a taxi, etc. etc. Also. The nerve just might get damaged, leaving my face hanging like Quasimodo's for the rest of my days...
Now,why weren't such possibilities discussed at the hospital, instead of a casual 'here or your dentist's?' I think it's some sort of scam so my dentist gets paid without actually doing anything. Now I have to wait again, so I can save up for the taxi home from the hospital, anyway...Oh well, maybe I'll get to see the cute dentist again. (Hope he doesn't cut that nerve...)

Watched a nasty serial killer film last night; ANTIBODIES . Quite interesting. It's strange that I can sit through stuff like that without being at all disturbed, when something like A MAN CALLED PETER is quite shocking and sickening to me.
I be twisted. Yaahr...


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