February 4th, 2007


Ageing Sucks...

This constant pain thing, and the not being able to get out of chairs, go up  OR down stairs, without wincing and ouching on every bloody step, etc., etc.  is getting me really gloomed out. Surely it's bad enough to become more hideous every day, without being more crippled as well.
Just watched one of those films we would be 'treated' with at the end of term, etc. when I was a school kid., A MAN CALLED PETER. Rather surprising that they let us see even an 'uplifting' film about a 'non-Catholic' cleric...
It was pretty nauseating, especially his wife-to-be's early speech about how 'emancipation'  had really caused women to lose out, by freeing them to get off their pedestals and 'copy men'. Bloodcurdling stuff. Young people should be made to watch films like this, to see what  kind of attitudes prevailed in those days, and count their blessings.
The saintly Peter Marshall ended up dead of overwork at about 50, which was portrayed as being a fine godly thing . Oy.

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