January 17th, 2007



I'm  rather better, but still feel distinctly feeble and seedy. There's bugger all to eat in the house, I've no money, I don't feel up to going out, and don't care. 
One benefit of feeling this poorly is that you can sit gawping at mindless, sickly-sweet old films like YOUNG AT HEART, and not feel remotely guilty. It really is all you're good for.
I really need a  proper bath, but don't know how I'm going to hoist myself in and out. Maybe I'll have pain in all my joints forever, now. Bumeroo...
If I were in the Big Brother House with Shilpa, I think I would probably be snarking and mocking a lot. I don't see anything racial in it. She's a very annoying person.( Although I  probably would imitate her accent, too...'Why am I despised?') 
I once witnessed a barking match between a rather chippy black singer and a hardcore hairy-arsed stagehand. 'You just dislike me because I'm black.'boomed the artiste.  Offended, the stagehand spat back 'Nah! I don't like you coz yer a cunt.'

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