January 13th, 2007


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Haven't been to the Aquarium since the summer, and just discovered they've moved. This http://www.theaquariumonline.co.uk/wanted.htm  will evidently take over the old gallery, and looks like something to check out.

I've been all shivery and huddly all day. Despite the obscene warmth the wind and damp makes it feel very chilly up here. I still just feel like hibernating, mostly, and there's bugger all on TV.I've seen all the films. Bah. Nothing but CBB to distract me. Major 'Ewwww' moment last night ,when Jade's zombie boyfriend shed his load, despite her pleas not to mess up the bed...'Duh...I cou'unt stop...' Lil' Leo's enraged exit , charging giant security people like a mad terrier was 'worthwhile', too, although it was an obvious ruse to avoid being evicted by a huge margin.

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    Robert Johnson: LOVE IN VAIN