January 8th, 2007



The hideous (yet comical) sneezing frenzies go on-real window-rattlers. I continue to be afflicted with my bad back flareup, now in its second (or third ?) week, and my knee crumbling under me, plus all the lurgi aches, pains, sweats and general anguish. Painkillers do eff all, and I am prostrate.
I still  went to the supermarket, though, as R Next Door's moribund rabbit must have particular greens and she doesn't like to leave it  alone for too long. Oh, what a big saint am I!
Ken Russell has fled the Big Brother House. In his younger days he could handle Oliver Reed, Nureyev and the Who, but Jade and her fearsome mum have done for him. Bless, I hope he got pots of money, as evidently he's quite poor, nowadays.

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