January 4th, 2007


Busy Doing Nothing...

Went to therapy. There was a 'real' crazy guy in reception, behaving oddly and making loon noises, etc. How do you do 'talking therapy' with somebody in that state?
CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER looks fairly promising. I've never heard of most of the peole, and most of  them had never heard of Ken Russell!  Well. he is almost 80, and seems to have as much trouble as I do getting up and down stairs. I hope he gets loads of money for this, poor ol' sod.
I hope I can actually manage to get a solo comic out this year. Don't see how, but I want to. I've also started another little toon diary in addition to my sketchbook, trying to portray one incident or thing I've seen every day. Trying to make my dream diary more decorative, too.
Went to the nasty Streatham gym and nearly collapsed after half an hour. Really must try to go more regularly, though. *Sigh*
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