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Meltin' On The Mall...

There was some kind of no busses ever situation. (Was this something to do with D Day?) Despite leaving early to avoid rushing in the gruesome murk, I was a bit late, and really struggling by the time I'd crawled to the top of the stairs.That strange old glaring lady who I always see at these events, was there again, and zipped past me on the way up ,as I heaved and wibbled. Mortification.
The first panel was mostly about autobiographics and slice o'life. Unfortunaely, I could hear virtually nothing from most of the speakers, who included ILYA, Al Davison, the bloke who does 'Stupidface', etc. ( whose name totally escapes my melty brain at the moment...No it hasn't - Steve Marchant!), an Indian guy who has a graphic novel, CORRIDORS, out (but not yet in the UK) and Mr Gravett presiding.
I couldn't face going all the way down and up again, so looked at some of the Artists' Favourites exhibit, which is OK. I really like the litle mutant Nefertiti.
Panel 2 consisted of veterans of the long-gorn but legendary ESCAPE; Glen Dakin, Woodrow Phoenix(,who showed some secret preview clips of PANTS ANT, a current animation project... I was pleased to discover Mr. P is a fellow nun-obsessive.) and Chris Reynolds, who is a great gesticulator. (The promised Carol Swain had failed to materialise...)
Good stuff, but for me, the real highlight of the afternoon was Jose Villarrubia (he gave the cool digital demo yesterday), who, despite some technical snags, gave us a very fine potted history of comics by, for and/or about gays (but hey, he left out Diane DiMassa and the fabulous Ralf Konig...) This was followed by a preview of his new collaboration with Alan Moore, The Mirror of Love, which looks like a real knockout; I'd definitely buy it if I could. The cherry on top was everybody got a signed print of one of the illos. Cool or what?
I would have liked to find out about the LeGun launch, etc,in the final event, but I was knackered, and decided to end my comix-orgy day on the high note of Mr V's fine presentation. It took sweaty centuries to get home, and all, standing all the way. Gah!
Oh yes, some guy came over in the Nash Room, asked if I was me, and said he'd always liked INNER CITY PAGAN. Arf, stroked!

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