December 31st, 2006


2006 Whimpers Away...

I was going to do that great long meme I got tagged with, but I really couldn't be arsed. I am so bloomin' lazy.
I think I quite fancy APOCALYPTO. Although I don't want to give mad ol' drunk racistsexist Bible puncher Mel my money, particularly, I probably will give in...
I am still sort of lackadaisically doing the minimal tidying-up required for the year's end, which, as usual, is much less than I'd intended.
This has been a  well dismal crappy year. I just hope 2007 isn't even worse. Soo much death, illness and general badness, close to me,and in the world at large. S'not fair.
On the pleasant side, I won a tenner on the Lotto... Maybe I'll buy a nice loud hippydippy tunic on EBAY. Yeh!
Wotan has just taken a dump, and it's choking me here, in the next room. What is it with cat crap anyway? Now that he's senile he usually forgets to bury it, too, and I have to go dispose of it before I pass out.
Soon my mother will phone, and I have to strengthen myself to 'be nice'. It really shouldn't be so hard.
Next month I become an OAP, which harrows me with fear and wonder. Somehow, I hope to be able to enjoy growing old very disgracefully. (It would be easier with improved health and financial status. What wouldn't?)
The wind is whistling creepily round the towers, and I feel pretty fortunate to have a roof over my head, and some nice bread and soup.
So Happy New Year, everyone. Fingers crossed.
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