December 30th, 2006


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In 2007, crazycrone resolves to...
Lose ten seaside towns by March.
Put fifty drag kings a month into my savings account.
Take evening classes in hypochondria.
Cut down to ten hermits a day.
Keep my serbia clean.
Go to fat every Sunday.
Try someone else:

Haw...I want the hermits scrubbed and depilitated before delivery, please...
I have a million things to do as usual, but I'm bored and jaded.
Oh well, I get to see SPIRITED AWAY on BBC2 later. It's one of those films I've been meaning to watch for ages.
I feel  sad about the Saddam hanging. Not denying his monstosity or anything, but I really believe that capital punishment is totally barbaric, and in this case, is probably likely to make things worse, if anything.Wrong, wrong, wrong...
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