December 25th, 2006


Merry Christmas,Yer Arse...

Have coming-down-with-something feeling, is this 'just' depression, or from all those peope sneezing and coughing in shops & busses? 
Eh bien, guess I'll watch MONSTERS, INC. 
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The Crystal Bowl Is Broken...

...And Pauline Fowler lies dead in The Square. Bit of a swizz, as she just fell down plop, on her way to tell everyone she'd decided to be a 'goodie' again. It was very similar to the demise of her wretched hubby Arthur in its mysterious out-of-nowhereness, but at least he'd had a serious head bashing in prison. I'd been expecting the big Christmas tree to fall on her, or something more spectacular and pyrotechnic.
Her curse lives on, anyway. Wee Rebecca/Chloe wants Santa to bring her a cardigan...