December 18th, 2006


It's All Humbug...

Well into my Yuletide grump...Miserable people pushing everywhere.Miserably I push back. 
My body hurts plenty. Knees! Back! Yah! Can't hardly move...
I got on the bus with my disintegrating loaded wagon, and a chav boy with his dog were taking up all the folding seats. I managed to get into a seat further down,and angle the wagon so it was pretty much out of the way, while aiming death rays at the boy. I started studying the dog, a really nice bristly one with those brush-like whiskers. The dog studied me back and started to wag his tail. (Animals usually like me, which I interpret as meaning I must be very smelly-) The boy saw the tail, and looked to see what the dog was wagging at. It was me, and the previously surly-looking youth then smiled at me in a friendly way. I smiled back. That was rather nice, I thought.
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