November 23rd, 2006



Seriously thought I heard Mariella Frostrup on the radio  saying 'Today we'll be discussing a brace of anuses'.  It's actually all about Kingsley and Martin Amis.
Went for my bloody therapy. Bebopalula seems to think I'm doing very well, and she's 'proud'. Actually, I kind of fake  being a bit 'better' 'cos I feel sorry for her. She's very hardworking... She also showed one of my sketchbooks around, and the resident shrinks all think I'm a genius. Strange, innit?
She also compares me to Jo Brand. People are always doing that. It's flattering and depressing...
Went around the shops in Streatham, and got a little rug to cover some dangerous holes in the bedroom carpet, for a fiver. I also went into the big -gest  WHS Smith I've seen in ages, and they actually had some good cheap board and sketchbooks. Nice.
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