November 6th, 2006


Bright And Crisp...

These are delightful Autumn days; if only we had more proper seasonal weather; lovely... Schlepped to the shops, but I actually feel quite ill, and am bunged up to the max; first lurghy of the season, dammit. Hope it doesn't go to me chest. Snort. I've been really tempted to switch on the heating. If it's cold again tonight, I just might.
It sounded like we were under attack all weekend. 'Luckily' it doesn't bother Wotan,now,  as he's deaf, but a lot of the local animals have to be sedated . There was a gorgeous bonfire at the church over the road, again, and I could see and smell it. The damn fireworks made a great spectacle, too, maddening as the racket is.