October 27th, 2006


Rest Day...

Drew a little, faffed about, watched  a film of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN! (Edward Woodward as an entertainingly evil Simon Legree, and a pre-fame Samuel L. Jackson escaping to freedom.)  The other day, I saw DUCK SOUP for the first time. I expect it means I'm a totally humourless person or something, but I've never seen the point of the Marx Brothers, with the marginal exception of Harpo. Same with Chaplin. These people are just not very funny at all. 
Laurel and Hardy, on the other hand, crack me up every time, and Buster Keaton 'has something'.
I see Frank Langella (once rather sexy, now a grumpy-looking  jaded-dectective-type baldyman) as Dracula is on next week. I saw it decades ago, but it's not on TV often. I think it was rather OK, although I can't remember properly. Must check it out. 
Marvellous SOPRANOS last night. Paulie Walnuts is such an inspired grotesque, but then, they all are. The acting in that series just awes me. (Christopher!) 
How did people cope before there were films and telly?
According to my records I didn't turn the central heating on until November 17th last year. I can't really afford to turn it on at all, so I'm trying to hold out at least until then. Today's the first time I've really felt the urge, so far.
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