October 17th, 2006



Bah! I just missed out on an Ebay rapidoliner by 20p and 1 minute. 'Kinell!
On the 'plus' side, I got to suffer in the gym for free, because there was a power cut. With no air-conditioning, of course, it was like a sauna, and full of lethal adhesive fumes from the workmen who were laying lino. Still, I did 45 minutes or so. so I'm virtuous, me.
Now I feel all queasy and pukey, though. Very annoying. Saw  creepy Paul McKenna's  I CAN MAKE YOU THIN  in the charity shop for 50p, and curiosity got the better of me. Someone has turned a lot of corners down. ..I haven't read any of it yet. There was also a pretty good exercise bike, quite sturdy, for £20. Of course, I have neither 20 quid nor any way of getting it home. Bum.
Evidently today is some sort of 'cosmic trigger' event, and you're supposed to think extra-positive. Wish I'd known earlier. Hey ho...

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