October 16th, 2006


Mists And Mellow Reek Of Micturation...

It's such damn sleazy weather. Did the supermarket  trawl, and Clapham Junction was smelling heavily of piss, as it does, especially when it's warm and humid. Gah.
LIDL Alert...According to the brochure, next Thursday is the start of an art supplies 'special'...Lots of cheap paint, paint boards, canvas, etc. Get there early. It's nice, 'cos all the other local skint art bohos .will be there, rummaging desperately. I hope they have half the stuff that's promised, and don't set out a load of horse blankets, or something instead.
The final PRIME SUSPECT last night was pretty gripping. Now we have to wait another week for part two. Damn!  JANE EYRE was fab, too. The acting was superb, although Toby Stephens really does not look like 'my' Mr. Rochester, he done good. Everything about it was good, good, good. The perfect telly for recovering to, after listening to my mother. (God help us...)

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