October 13th, 2006


Oh The Pain...

I did it, though, I went to the bloody gym. It was 'orrible. This woman with grievous BO sat  at a machine eating a pear with her mouth open between sets. She drooled a gobbet onto the carpet for people to slip on, then she knocked into me twice while I was overhead pressing away. Why? Why? Why? ... Reminded me of all the gross hatefulness of gym attendance, but still, I'm glad I was able to kick my sorry  arse up there and be 'good'.
I've really got a lot of work to do just to get back to where I was when i crapped out. Devil Girl wasn't around, but 'Ainsley' was manic as ever...'You're gonna be seeing a big weight loss, soon!'...Like when my wretched  old bod just gives up, and my head falls off?
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    Robert Johnson: HELL HOUND ON MY TRAIL