October 11th, 2006


Watching The Days Go By...

Simply Dreadful. Impossible to get anywhere with CAB on the phone, and the online information isn't enough.
 I'm drawing a bit, but I have no imagination at all, now, and can only rehash my  grievances and sadness ad nauseam.
My joints hurt , I'm still coughing , and generally falling apart, and so is the flat. Wotta state...
Wotan, thank goodness, seems to have his appetite back.
I dreamed about a chubby Italian baldy man with a big black moustache and a wooden arm. I think he was my boss.

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    R4; Chat about menopause...

McKeith's Dreadful Warning Of The Week...

In tonight's YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, the wizened harridan presented a sinfully  'beefy babe' with a life-sized body made of mincemeat, laid out on the pavement. 'This is you when you're dead, Katie; you've walked out and fallen down with a heart attack ,and here you are.'...For a finishing touch, she poured a jug of saturated fat over the 'corpse.'

It's true.